Storytelling Drives Social Media Marketing: The Art of Curation

This is part three of a five part series between Tyler Pyburn, host at The Pulse Network, and Allen Bonde, Chief Marketing Officer at The Pulse Network, as they determine how storytelling drives social media marketing.


After breaking down the TPN Content Model in Part 2 of this series, I want to now fous in on a vital piece of that model: content curation.

There are many definitions and active discussions about the topic of content curation, but at its core, curation is simply the process of gathering and organizing (and maintaining) artifacts. In social media marketing, this is how we capture, deliver and package pieces of content to fuel the development of a community. Although people have been collecting things – and content – for long before the advent of social networking, whether it’s gathering news articles or just compiling a group of links together, curation for social marketing is a lot about creating lists (like in Twitter), building groups of content, and packaging each link or ‘translating’ each article into the appropriate language for the targeted channel.

Curation in today’s multi-channel world is also a matter of being a ‘transmedia’ storyteller and being equally comfortable in each channel or outlet.

A great example of this type of storyteller is Garrison Keiller. Garrison and his Prairie Home shows do an excellent job in making his stories authentic and related to the listener’s personal experiences. Of course the radio format also enables ongoing stories or serials, and is very much a variety show that draws content from many sources, packages it up in familiar segments, and delivers it a format that builds community.  The key: make your stories about the audience, and your audience will want to share them as well!


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In case you missed our past episode, you can see it here. In Part 4 we’ll look at driving conversation from conversations.


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