The Pulse Network Solutions – Executive Brief 3.0

This is part three of a five part series between Butch Stearns, host at The Pulse Network, and Allen Bonde, Chief Marketing Officer at The Pulse Network, as they explore the lifecycle of digital marketing and the new solutions offered by The Pulse Network.

At the Pulse Network we’ve developed a solution that is designed to capture, produce, and deliver a months worth of proactive, C-Level content with just one hour of your executive’s time.  As someone who struggles to find time to do all my writing, it’s a pretty cool idea.  And it’s the idea behind our new Executive Brief 3.0.

It seems like just yesterday that marketers were struggling to convince our CEOs that we needed to expose our business to social media.  Now that everyone understands the concept of social media, and knows it’s essential to be engaging on social channels to reach customers where they congregate, we face a different challenge: getting these same executives to make the time to blog, and tweet and create posts so they can stay in touch and (especially in B2B) reach influencers.  The irony of course is that the people who are most equipped to tell the company’s story, and represent the brand on social channels, have the least amount of time to do so!  This is where Executive 3.0 steps in and provides a practical solution.

As I’ve  discussed, effective social marketing starts with a good story.  And blogging is a core way that executives can tell stories, start discussions and articulate a point of view.  Your corporate blog is the voice of the company, and needs to be authentic, informed and informative!  Yet, it takes a good half a day to write a good post, when you include the time to read, research, get links, and distribute it.  Multiply this by 4 or 5 – since it’s good practice to have each contributor doing at least one new post per week, and we are talking 2+ days a month just for blogging!

Executive Brief 3.0 breaks this bottleneck by building an outline/rundown for a blog ‘series,’ capturing the executive’s perspectives, thoughts and examples in one 30-minute video interview, creating 5 segments of content, post producing the output, and creating video blog posts, vignettes, transcripts, and even sound bites that can be easily cleaned up by your PR or marketing folks and turned into a month’s worth of social content.  What’s it look like?  This is how I created this post!


YouTube Preview Image

Using TPN’s video engine and production capabilities, our social media know-how, and managing the process end-to-end makes it all work.  It’s a great way to tap your best storytellers, and create valuable, repurpose-able content assets.

Also, in case you missed Part 2 of this segment, I talked about virtual event marketing and how our Webinar 3.0 can benefit your business as well. Thanks for reading!

Allen Bonde is the CMO of The Pulse Network and can be found on Twitter or email,

Butch Stearns is the COO of The Pulse Network and can be found on his BlogTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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